Business 101: How to Start A Small Business

Have you been considering starting your own small business but are unsure of where to begin? Don’t miss out on this This NO COST seminar that is designed to help entrepreneurs understand what it takes to start a business! You will be provided with information about Startup Fundamentals, Marketing and Business Planning, Financing, Licenses, Business Structures, Regulations and more. Once you have successfully completed this session, you will be better able to decide if your business idea is worth pursuing, and you will be armed with the information necessary to continue onward with your business endeavor!

SBDC Small Business Academy

Prepare your business for rapid growth. Update your strategy, learn how to market more effectively and execute the steps to prepare your business to find additional funding.

No Gurus, just your fellow small business owners and the resources you need.

It’s not all fun and games though! We will be reviewing the key learning points from the SBDC Academy courses and discussing your implementation plans.


These workshops specifically address business issues regularly faced by small technology focused  businesses. Topics include winning    government contracts and grants, raising capital, understanding intellectual property, and landing new customers.

Profit Mastery

Profit Mastery will help you achieve your profit goals!  Learn about The seven steps to business success, The difference between “being Profitable” and “having cash” and how to do more of both, How to develop a profit plan and cash budget forecast to improve the financial health of a business, How to Manage Profits and Improve Cash Flow, Analyze your business and benchmark it against your peers in the industry, How to be prepared to get what you need from financing partners.